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Symptoms and causes

What are the main symptoms? 
Chronic fatigue of more than 6 months of evolution is characterized by:
·                                 Myalgias
·                                 Muscle weakness
·                                 Post-extertional  fatigue
·                                 Impaired short-term memory and concentration
·                                 Sleep disorder
·                                 Headache
·                                 Slight fever
·                                 Odynophagia (painful swallowing)
·                                 Arthralgias
·                                 Dizziness and vertigo
         What are its causes? 

Based on a genetic predisposition, there would be a triggering agent (usually a viral infection) that would launch a series of immunological changes with the release of substances called “cytokines” which would be the cause of the symptoms of chronic fatigue.