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Ethical Code

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All content on this site is subject to the ethical code outlined below:

  1.  Authoring
    Any health or medical advice suggested on this site will only be provided by trained and qualified doctors or health professionals unless a clear statement made that a piece of advice offered is not of a qualified health professional or a non-medical organization.
  2. Complementarity
    The information provided on this site is designed to complement, not replace, the relationship that exists between a patient / site visitor and his/her current doctor. The information provided on and has been raised to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a patient / visitor of this website and your doctor. If you have health problems, consult your doctor .
  3. Privacy
    This Web site respects the confidentiality of data relating to patients and visitors, including their identity. The owners of this site agree to honor or exceed the legal requirements for privacy of health or medical information applied in the countries of location of the principal Web site as well as its mirrors.
    Any information received by any means (LETTER, EMAIL, SMS, SURVEY, etc.) as well as email addresses and, in general, any information from a source outside of the web, will always be treated under the guidelines of the current law of Spain on data protection and in no case and under no circumstances will this information fully or in part, be transferred or sold to any other person, entity, or enterprise.
  4. Attribution, References, and Update
    Where appropriate, information contained in this site will be supported by clear references to the data sources and, if possible, have specific HTML links to the source. The date when a clinical page was last modified will be clearly displayed (e.g. at the bottom of the page).
  5. Guarantee
    Any claims relating to the benefits / performance of a specific treatment, commercial product, or service will be supported with adequate and objective evidence, as shown above in Principle 4.
  6. Transparency of Authorship
    The designers of this website seek to provide information as clearly as possible as well as provide contact addresses to supply visitors with further information. The web designer is the Foundation FF itself.
  7. Transparency of Sponsorship
    The FF Foundation is the sole owner and sponsor of this website. For the creation, expansion, and maintenance of the site, the Foundation FF does not receive any direct or indirect financial support from any other organization, association, company, or individual. All contributions made to the Foundation FF are voluntary, free and non-remunerated.
  8. Honesty in Advertising Policy
    It is not envisaged in the objectives of the Foundation FF to use the website as a source of funding, that is why the Foundation does not receive any remuneration for any information posted on the Web, either by advertising or in any other form. For this reason, any company, person, or entity mentioned on our website will be in the context of the project being carried out jointly. Under no circumstances, shall it advertise any product, treatment, or specialist; thus, our website does not have "advertisers".

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