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Goals and Objectives


The Foundation FF of the affected by Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Affected Patients is a non-governmental and non-profit organization (NGO), registered in the Record of Foundations of Generalitat de Catalunya with the number 1799 and qualified as charitable Foundation having supporting, cultural, and scientific aims.

The Foundation FF has no patrimony. The employers and the members of the scientific committees collaborate in the altruistic way and do not have any remuneration. It has no commercial relations either with professionals or with companies.

The fundamental objective of the Foundation FF is to collaborate in the process of life quality improving of the people affected by Fibromyalgia and Syndrome of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome so that to achieve their lives’ full NORMALIZATION.

Our activities are directed especially towards:

•    Information, publication, and awareness increasing
•    Investigation promotion
•    Vindication
•    Associations’ support

To achieve the above mentioned goals, the Foundation FF has different programs:

•    Foundation FF and Science
•    Foundation FF and Society
•    Investigation EPIFFAC

The above mentioned programs are directed to active collaboration with the diverse groups involved in the process with the aim of achieving the fundamental objective of the Foundation FF:

First of all, the person affected by FM and/or CFS and his/her relatives - all those who endure every day the reality of a painful, chronic, and disabling illness. 
Associations - in their work of giving support to the patients and making appeals to the rights so that the patients could come back to a full and normalized life.
Health professionals who should have the necessary resources and education to do the multidisciplinary treatment that the patient needs.
Citizens who should support and respect the patients and their families as well as medical and social professionals.
Social agents, businessmen and trade unions - so that they will create the conditions necessary for the labor insertion of the patient either providing the latter with his/her habitual working place or giving access to other kinds of work.
Different Administrations - each one within its competence and responsibilities, to make our current legislation actualized and adapted, when needed, to the situation and the needs of the group.
The scientific community, which should create programs and investigation lines for those few with diseases caused by idiopathic conditions, and therefore difficult to be treated, to give a hope of future to patients.
And the University Community, adapting programs of the departments of Medicine, Nursing, Social work … to the reality of the statistical data that put these diseases in the raw of those that the majority of the citizens suffer from.